007: The Devil in the Detail

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Produced by: Chris Haigh
Pete D. Gaskell
Adam Scott
Written by: A. J. Black
Created by: Ian Fleming
Genre: Action
Theme Tune: TBA
Running Time: TBA
Format: Script/PDF
Released: TBA 2010
Network(s): MZP-TV
Preceded by: 007: The Edge of Life
Followed by: TBA

The Devil in the Detail is a spy/action film, featuring the character of James Bond, created by Ian Fleming. It is a sequel to The Edge of Life, the first time a virtual Bond film has been a continuation. It stars Henry Cavill as Joe Colton, now James Bond 007.



In the wake of a long-term deep cover assignment that has left him emotionally, physically and psychologically exhausted, Bond - now the fully adopted persona of recruited ex-SAS drifter Joe Colton - is thrust straight back into the firing line when he's called upon to look into Damocles, a powerful multi-national American defence contractor ran by flamboyant billionaire Cofer Prince - a man who may well have an agenda far darker than his company may appear, linked directly to the assignment that consumed the last eight months of Bond's life.

Looking into Damocles, however, a much greater threat faces Bond in the form of a direct link to Colton's troubled past, one that not only may entirely destroy what thread Bond has left on life, but lead directly to the fall of Western civilisation itself. From the skies of India, to the jungles of South America, to the palaces of Japan and the heart of the United States' military-industrial complex, 007's latest heartstopping adventure is by far his biggest - but will it be his undoing?


  • Mark Strong as Liam Balfour, a hardened former British Army Major and SAS operative, now head of a freelance mercenary unit.
  • Stephen Lang as Cofer Prince, a multi-billionaire and sole owner of Damocles.
  • Chiaki Kuriyama as Riko Shizuka, second to Balfour in his mercenary unit. Young, vicious, yet seductive.
  • Koji Yakusho as Tiger Tanaka, a long-standing, highly dependable agent working for the Japanese government.
  • Tamsin Egerton as Mary Goodnight, M's young and impressionable new personal assistant.
  • Cate Blanchett as M, the youngest woman to assume the role, left with a huge internal mess to in Vauxhall Cross.


The Devil in the Detail broke MZP-TV's rule of pitching because the previous installment, The Edge of Life, was not pitched to avoid ruining a major plot twist.


The Devil in the Detail has yet to premiere. Watch this space.


"This is part two of a loose trilogy (part three, of course, for late 2011) and I fully expect this one to see the light of day Christmas once more."

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